Volt Faces Exhibition

From may 20th to may 29th, the Smart's creative center « La Vallée » is hosting an exhibition of Arno 2bal's artwork.

The exhibition's name, « Volt Faces », provides a reading grid that helps you understand Arno's work on images and is a nod to his rather atypical path between Africa and Brussels' underground culture. He expresses this figurative madness through texts, sketches and raw materials. His constant transgressions of perspective and proportions' rules is what make his style so particular.

A painting workshop will be held for kids on may 28th from 3pm to 5pm, as a way to introduce them with plastic arts.

On sunday 29th, the association « Fais le trottoir » will offer a guided tour on graffiti, which will end with the exhibition in the artist's presence.
Fais le trottoir asbl: http://www.faisletrottoir.com/
Smart: http://smartbe.be/fr/
Kodjo asbl: http://kodjobruxelles.jimdo.com/